NuTech Specialties SnowLine Premium Granular Ice Melter is a high-performance blend of proprietary calcium chloride pellets and premium screened rock salt that is treated with magnesium chloride. When combined, the NuTech Specialties SnowLine Premium Ice Melter formula produces a superior ice melting. This fast acting product won’t track on carpets or floors and has a long-lasting residual melting power. NuTech Specialties SnowLine Premium Ice Melter is an environmentally friendly product that is biodegradable. All deicers (whether salt or specialty melter) attract moisture to form a liquid brine. This brine has a lower melting point than the ice and snow around it and so begins to melt its colder surroundings.

Traditional melting salt, or rock salt, has an effective melting temperature of around 5°F. Many ice melters will blend rock salt with other ingredients with even lower melting temperatures to work in more extreme conditions. NuTech Specialties SnowLine Premium Ice Melter combines traditional melting salt with a proprietary calcium chloride that is treated with magnesium chloride. This triple threat combination will be effective in temperatures as low as -20°F. Choosing the right melter can help save time and money while reducing environmental impact. When temperatures drop below 5°F, melters that contain calcium chloride are best. These melters will clear thick ice and snow quickly in extreme temperatures to help prevent painful slips and fall accidents. In “extreme” winter conditions, NuTech Specialties SnowLine Premium Ice Melter will effectively melt snow and ice, but is safer for people, plants, and pets. Even spread of ice melt is critical in the removal of ice and snow. NuTech Specialties SnowLine Premium Ice Melter is colored blue to help maintain even spread without the waste.

Looking For Something Different Than Granular Ice Melt?

NuTech Specialties offers more than just traditional granular ice melt. Liquid Heat Ice Melter is the perfect solution for every application. Simply add it to a pump-up sprayer and apply as an anti-icing agent to surfaces prior to snow or ice accumulation or apply to already packed, frozen precipitation on walkways, roadways, and parking lots. Our liquid ice melter sticks better to surfaces than rock salt – adheres better to icy surfaces, resulting in less bounce and scatter. Liquid residue remains effective for longer periods of time, from hours to days, depending on conditions all while being less messy than granular ice melt. Works almost instantaneously – minimizes wait times and is SAFEST to use on NEW CONCRETE. Available in a non-flammable formula.

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