NuTech has an award that we give out to our top sales rep of the year, and the winner this year is Ashlee Sheen. Her performance in her sales position this year was outstanding while facing this past year of 2020 with covid-19 being in play. Her positive attitude and work ethic were positive examples to her peers and the company as whole. She showed through teamwork and positive helpful attitudes benefited employees and our customers. NuTech is very proud of her performance and effort this past year. The sales team has really become a highly motivated team, they all work together daily on various items and tasks to benefit NuTech even with the stiff odds we faced this past year. NuTech wants to also congratulate the sales team overall for their team performance and work ethic. It’s been an amazing thing to see the resilience and performance of the sales team. Congratulations to the sales team and to our Rep of the Year Ashlee Sheen.

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